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Earn money from fan requests

Use Bount to manage your fan requests, increase engagement with your audience, and earn bounties.
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Take in requests from fans and brands or define your own 1-click offers. Accept or decline as you see fit, you’re in control.

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Manage your request inbox

Fan requests often get lost in the noise. Collect & manage them while increasing fan engagement and bringing in new ideas you can monetize.

Set your price, you’re in control

Bounty not high enough? Send a counter offer for any request. Negotiate your terms so everyone gets what they want.

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New engagement, new ideas

Get fresh content ideas directly from your audience and engage more deeply with your biggest fans.

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Raise bigger bounties

Multiple backers and crowdfunding means your fans can work together to help fund bigger requests. Collaborate with your community to bring your dreams to life.

Protect your privacy

Privacy settings protect you and your fans and help even your shyest fans make requests without everyone else knowing what they asked for.

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Bount is your inbox for fan requests. With a free Bount profile, you can receive requests from fans and brands, negotiate terms and price, and get paid! Requests can be public or private, and their bounties can be crowdfunded. You can also define your own offers and set your own costs.
With Bount, you can make money from requests you might not even know your fans have. Or perhaps you’ve thought to offer it, but you never knew just how much someone or some group would pay for it. There’s hidden money to be made from fan requests and Bount will help you unlock it.
Bount is 100% free. As a marketplace, we only make money when you make money. Bount has one of the lowest take-rates in the industry at just 10%.
On Bount, you make money by completing requests. Every request has a bounty attached to it that can be earned by completing that request. The bounty can be increased via crowdfunding with more backers or you can make a counter offer and set the price you would complete it.
Simply fulfill the request as it’s described, deliver the result to the requester(s) if applicable, and then go claim the bounty! But you’re not alone: if you ever need any help completing a request, our team is here to assist you. From arranging chats to delivering physical goods, just reach out.
No! You’re in complete control and can accept and decline requests as you see fit. Don’t forget, you can also make a counter offer if the bounty value isn’t high enough, negotiate details of the request, or share the request and gain more backers.
While fans can create custom requests, we do have some rules. Requests can’t be illegal, unethical, obscene, or dangerous. We review every request for compliance with these standards before passing them on to you.
Privacy options means you and your fans can choose whether a request is private or public. While public requests benefit from being able to be shared and crowdfunded, private requests can only be seen by the requester and you. Bount also assists with the fulfillment of a request so you never have to expose your personal contact information to a fan in order to complete a request.

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