How it works


Request anything from anyone, and motivate them with a reward

Post requests

Start by posting a request targeted at a specific person. The requests can be public or private. You can request almost anything so long as they comply with our terms and rules on prohibited requests. Add your initial pledge, and our team will review it before it’s sent to your target.

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Back requests

After a request is created, users can support requests by adding a pledge to increase the reward. Backers aren't charged until the request is successfully completed. Bounties can be funded by a single individual or crowdfunded by many (if the request is public). Remember, the bigger the bounty, the bigger the incentive, and the more likely the request will be completed!

More on backing and pledging:

Respond to requests

The target of a request will review it and either add a funding goal, decline, wait for the bounty to increase, or complete the request.

A funding goal lets backers know how much must be pledged before the target of a request will accept and fulfill it.

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Claim bounties

When a request is completed, the target of the request submits evidence of their completion for review by both backers and our team. When the review passes, only then are backers charged pledges collected, and the bounty released.

More on claiming bounties:

Want to earn bounties?

So you think you're interesting enough to be targeted by requests? While anyone can post and back requests, only approved users can be targeted by a request and earn bounties. To become eligible, contact us.

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